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God of the Underdogs - Part 3: "When God is Silent"

Elijah is in big trouble! Queen Jezebel is not happy that Elijah has shown up all her priests on Mt. Carmel and has vowed to kill our protagonist prophet. Elijah is on the run and must have been thinking: "What?!? That was not how it was supposed to go!" Elijah flees for 40 days and nights to the place where it all started for the People of Israel - Mt. Horeb (Mt. Sinai). When we are on the run and in trouble, we often head back home. God asks Elijah twice: "What are you doing, here?". - God speaks in the silence to us by saying: "You can't go back", but also, "I'm here in the present, renewing all things". 

Speaker: Sean O'Connell

August 11, 2022

Sean O'Connell

Associate Pastor