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David - Part 1: "Heartbeat"

David had a unique endorsement from God. He was a man after God’s own heart. It was this quality that not only turned David into a giant slayer, but into the precursor of Jesus. We’re beginning the journey in the middle of the story, where we find David’s heart drawn to glorify the Lord by building him a worthy temple.  But God wanted to make it clear that David would not build a house for the Lord. The Lord would build a house for David. And his house would reign forever. And this tells us something about God’s heart. He requires nothing from us, not does he live in buildings made by human hands. But he has established an eternal Kingdom through Jesus and is delighted to dwell in us. This allows us to become people after God’s own heart.

Speaker: Jason Ewart

July 22, 2021

Jason Ewart

Lead Pastor