Welcome to Hope Kids

At Hope Kids, we love God, love others, and share Jesus, because he is the best news ever! We believe that you are never too young to have a big faith in Jesus, so we worship, pray, and dig into the Bible, together. The family is the most important influence to a child, so we also encourage families to love God, love others, and share Jesus, all week long! Our prayer is that all families grow closer to Jesus, and seeing that happen is an amazing answer to this prayer. 

Kids age 6 weeks to 4th grade can attend Hope Kids, on Sunday mornings, during service times. Each classroom is staffed with background checked adults who are passionate about seeing faith growth in the next generation. We teach Bible lessons geared toward each groups’ stage of life, and have fun while doing so! Getting to grow with the kids, through Bible teaching, application, games, activity, worship and prayer, is the best hour of our day!

What We're Learning in November

Early Childhood November - This month we’re learning that we can thank God for everything!


Elementary November - This month we’re focusing on contentment and that everything we have comes from God.

Love God, Love Others, Share Jesus at Home

At-Home Moments for Early Childhood


At-Home Moments for Elementary