Hope Stories

Schmidt -Why We Joined Groups
04.20.22 | Articles | Hope Stories

Meet Pete and Cora who tell us about their experiences groups and how they learned that it's an important first step in growing in your faith. They have words of encouragement for anyone that is scared to take that step because of how personal...

Candy's Story
02.20.22 | Articles | Hope Stories

Meet Candy. Candy joins Hope Church in-person, serving as a coffee volunteer. Living an hour away, Candy also joins as a part of Hope Church Online. Learn how Candy is able to part of both in-person and online environments to grow her faith and...

Josh's Story
11.14.21 | Articles | Hope Stories

When Josh moved away from Wisconsin, he continued to attend Hope Church online and online Groups. Hear how this changed his faith journey.

Kate's Story
10.24.21 | Articles | Hope Stories

Kate attends Hope Church Online, and is an active member of the Prayer & Care team...while living in her RV and traveling the country. Hear how Kate continues to serve Hope Church in her travels.

Anthony and Olivia's Story
09.19.21 | Articles | Hope Stories

When Anthony & Olivia moved to town, they were looking for a community where they could build authentic friendships. Here's their story of what they found in a Group at Hope Church.