Now Watching Shadows - Part 5 - "The Serpent"

There was a time in Moses' life when God, in response to the Israelites' constant grumbling and complaining against him, unleashed venomous serpents into their camp. When they finally repented, God gave the Israelites a strange prescription. He told Moses to craft a serpent out of bronze and lift it up high on a pole so that all who looked at it would be healed from their deadly, venomous wounds. In this message, we’ll discover that Jesus, lifted high up on the cross, did this for us—he healed us—and far more.

Shadows are temporary indicators of something more permanent and multi-dimensional. By looking at a shadow it is possible to see a rough outline of what the real object is, but it is only after looking up from the shadow that the true reality can be known. In a similar light, there are events in Moses's life that foreshadow the life of Jesus. And because Moses is such a critical character to the narrative of the Bible, in this series, we will look at how the events in Moses’s life connect us to the life of Jesus. And while we do, we'll discover how it all connects and applies to us and our lives, too.