Now Watching White Noise Part 1 - Noise Pollution

We all have unwanted emotions in our lives. The problem is that we tend to mask our unwanted emotions instead of dealing with them. We mask the very reason for which God gave us these emotions. We’ll begin this series by seeing how important it is to surface and deal with the emotions that we would prefer to ignore.
White Noise

White noise is a great tool for masking the unwanted noises and distractions in our lives. You might use it to fall asleep or focus on work. But what do we use to mask our unwanted emotions? We often experience emotions that distract us in life—anger, resentment, jealousy, hurt, and more. And since they are painful and unwanted, we try to turn them off as quickly as possible. But getting rid of them is hard work. So instead of dealing with them, we bury them, we stuff them, we self-medicate them, and we even project them on to others—we mask them. In this 4-part series, we’ll learn how to stop masking our negative emotions, and how to start isolating and dealing with them.