Now Watching Exit Strategy - Part 1 - "Rogue One"

Whether you're a Christian or not, when bad things happen to you, it can feel like God doesn't care. Or maybe like he isn't even there at all. But what about those times where we have to admit that those bad things happened because of something we did? Then it can make us feel like God won't rescue us because we're getting what we deserve. As the Exodus story begins, some really bad things are happening to God's people, and Moses enters the picture just in time to make it worse, yet. But none of the bad things could negate God's plan for their exit strategy. In this message, we'll see that God often uses our failures and hardships to save us. And he tells us that we won't truly be free from the hardships that enslave us until we become fully subservient to him. And we'll discover that your journey to freedom isn't underway until you are fully surrendered to worship God.
Exit Strategy

Have you ever been in a situation that feels hopeless—a situation where there seems to be no way out? We've all been there. It's part of living in this broken world. The world is a broken place, and sometimes there seems to be no hope of improvement. But what if there is? What if there are steps you can take? What if God created an exit strategy to get you out of your hopeless situations and into a place where you can prosper?