Now Watching Crazy Like Us – Part 3 – “Means to an End”

If you the primary purpose of your money is yourself, you will have very little to show for yourself at the end of your life. In one mind-bending parable, Jesus transformed the way that we are to both view and use money. First, we need to see that the money we have to use isn’t even our money to use. We’re the manager, not the owner. Second, we have been positioned to use someone else’s money in order to gain personal benefits. We are not owners, we are mangers. And we have been given the brief opportunity to manage in a way that genuinely benefits us and others.
Crazy Like Us

What we’re doing in Second Stage is a little crazy. We’re practicing surrendered, sacrificial, all-in generosity. When we began this level of giving when we didn’t even have a property or blueprints. It was a little crazy to make that kind of commitment before we had any certainty. But, the entire story of Hope Church is a little crazy. A small group of people without a pastor decided to plant a new church. Maybe we are a little crazy. And we wouldn’t trade it for the world. In this series, we’re inviting everyone who attends Hope to be crazy like us. Specifically, to become crazy with generosity.