Now Watching Crazy Like Us - Part 1 – “The Blessed Test”

God presents Abraham, and you, with a stark choice: Hold on to what you have, and you’ll end up empty, or offer it without restriction to God, and you’ll be filled, both you and the world around you. He offers the same choice to you: If you want to live a tidy, safe life, without leaving your comfort zone, you aren’t going to be of much use to anybody. But if you open your hands on all of it to God, he’ll use it beyond your wildest expectations.
Crazy Like Us

What we’re doing in Second Stage is a little crazy. We’re practicing surrendered, sacrificial, all-in generosity. When we began this level of giving when we didn’t even have a property or blueprints. It was a little crazy to make that kind of commitment before we had any certainty. But, the entire story of Hope Church is a little crazy. A small group of people without a pastor decided to plant a new church. Maybe we are a little crazy. And we wouldn’t trade it for the world. In this series, we’re inviting everyone who attends Hope to be crazy like us. Specifically, to become crazy with generosity.