Now Watching Booze, the Blues, and Other Taboos - Part 1 - "Identity Crisis"

Every culture imposes a particular identify formation process on the people living within it. It’s how we get a sense of who we are and what we value. We think that we determine who we are by our own free will, but we underestimate the degree to which our culture imposes an identity on us. And it's culture that makes certain topics taboo to begin with. So until we understand how our culture made certain topics taboo, it will be hard to talk about them with an open mind.
Booze, the Blues, and Other Taboos

Many topics have become taboo in polite society. And they’re even more taboo in the church. Are there topics that make you squirm? That make you blush? That cause arguments? Topics like suicide, politics, sexual identity, divorce, and racism? Topics that we absolutely do not talk about in church? Well, we’re going to talk about ‘em. Why? Because bad things grow in the dark. We’re going to bring these taboo topics into the light so we can look at them from God’s perspective.