Now Watching Booze, the Blues, and Other Taboos - Part 8 - "Politics"

Politics has become an incredibly divisive topic within American culture. As a nation, we're at odds over immigration policy, gun laws, and more. What's odd is that Christians have taken up both sides of the divisive issues and even argue with one another. In this message, we'll see that the church is the institution that can set the standard of how to have healthy and constructive political dialogue.
Booze, the Blues, and Other Taboos

Many topics have become taboo in polite society. And they’re even more taboo in the church. Are there topics that make you squirm? That make you blush? That cause arguments? Topics like suicide, politics, sexual identity, divorce, and racism? Topics that we absolutely do not talk about in church? Well, we’re going to talk about ‘em. Why? Because bad things grow in the dark. We’re going to bring these taboo topics into the light so we can look at them from God’s perspective.