Now Watching Brand: New - Part 4 - "Dinner with Friends"

Jesus chose to give the first "Lord’s Supper" at a Passover meal with his disciples. But this wasn't an ordinary Passover meal. First, the traditional main course, lamb, was not served. Only bread and wine are mentioned to have been present. And second, it was customary to celebrate the Passover meal with your family. So why did Jesus pull his disciples away of their families for this Passover, and why didn't he serve the usual main course?
Brand: New

Everything is branded. Everything has a label on it. But it’s not just our stuff carrying labels and brands around with them. It’s us, too. Whether we like it or not, we carry around our own set of labels—branded by our past. But what if we could start over with a brand new label? What if we could be Brand: New?